My story and where God found me, it was back in 2014 i was living life going down the road to hell and i didn’t even know it but thanks to God because one day he called me back to him by way of YouTube video, since that day i have been searching for God and what i found is that he God has always been their for me. God saved my life more time then i can count but this last time he saved me something changed in me Jesus became real and alive, i had understanding that i was lost but only after attending a local church in my town for three years and then i stated reading the bible on my forth year of my walk with Jesus and added prayer on the fifth year now i have read the bible from cover to cover two time this doesn’t make me a Bible scholar but i have a better understanding where i stood with God and it wasn’t good i made a god of my own understanding and a god that over looked my sin and was fine with my life style. I didn’t know it then but i was in the process of removing the beam in my own eye, all the evil things i did i saw i said i see now my lost state of mind but only after God placed faith in my heart and only after reading the Bible and attending church, Jesus can save you because Jesus saved me and you can come home again ever day is a new day and another chance to correct your walk with Jesus Christ Lord and Savior that’s how God found me lost in my sins and love me anyway. God loves you to and can place faith in your heart to if your reading this you have a seed of faith in your heart so what are you going to do with it ?

Update 08/28/2020

I have been told by two people that the Podcast has change their relationship with god and the Lord Jesus Christ and they have now sought out time with God that’s so great to hear and I pray and asked God to Bless them with a new heart to understand His ways.

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